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>> December 14, 2009

I have been a little sad, lately. Chipped in the edges and jaded. I've been talking less, laughing less, and smiling very rarely. And for the longest time, I hadn't even realised. When I did realise - on the rare ocassions - I'd tell myself that I'd tide over that phase of sadness; and be happy again. Except, there have been phases after phases, one after the other; and I just haven't had a happy phase in SO long.

So, today, I've decided to take responsibility for my happiness. And I'd like to thank the Geminid Meteorite Showers for the same. I lay on the terrace today, as I am usually found, and looked up and stars after stars fell away in every direction. Okay, that might be a wee bit exaggerated - but come on, I saw SIX shooting stars; and between us, we saw more. They were like tiny beautiful silver arrows; and there were so many of them. And as I was watching a very beautiful and unusually clear sky, it suddenly came upon me that I've been wasting my life in this whole sadness business.

I have, therefore, decided that I shall not allow my whimsy self to be sad from now on. I am going to smile all the time. ALL the time, and we all know how hard that is. Actually, I feel like slapping people who smile all the time. Nobody has any business smiling all the time. Like babies have no business not being fat. Or even like guys having no business not waiting for girls. Anyway, I have decided that I have no business being sad all the time; because there is this just one life, and we got to live it, and we might as well make the most of it, while we can eh?

I've been so sad for many months now, even though it takes precious little to make me happy. A pretty sky and a few falling stars have made me happy again.

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