>> December 16, 2009

I'm really too sleepy to be blogging just now, but I just want to write. Write enough to attain "unconscious competence", as Gogs pointed out to me. I want to achieve my kung fu.

I spend the whole night with MJ and D watching two movies back to back. They were about entirely different times, different characters, two stories that could probably never meet; and I felt the same glowy warm feeling in my heart having watched both. The feeling that the world is good, and what's bad in it, can be sorted out. Needs sorting out.

In the first, a woman in the 1950s tries to change, but realises that change for others is not being true to oneself. In the second, a young terrifically attractive charming young man wants to be useful, somehow.
Not all who wander are aimless. 
People are strange.

I won't blame tonight for my troubles, I promise. I'm so happy. :)

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