Independence In

>> January 28, 2010

I cannot believe, that of all the tv shows in the world, I am now addicted to GILMORE GIRLS.


Do Go Gentle

>> January 13, 2010

".....I feel that I should (that it is an Augean duty, pushed on to me against my will) do my best, with a still hot shovel of overloaded feeling and a lot of windily winding words, to vindicate first Dylan, then me, then both of us together. And hope that the truth that I am trying blindly to say, to find out for myself, will come out through all the literary muddles and faultily not detached attitude. And I hope it is a better truth than Brinnin's."
-- Caitlin Thomas, defending her memory of DylanThomas  
in John Malcolm Brinnin, Dylan Thomas in America.

Why didn't she, then? Such wonderful words.

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