The Four Encounters

>> November 29, 2009

Bullet Points (Because inaction has brought rot into my paragraph linking skills)

  • I need to change the header on this blog. I need to reclaim my life - or what is left of it in unfettered freedom. Cus adulthood sounds so chained and imprisoned. I'd hate to be an adult. And that's just horrible, cus I think I already am or at least, should be an adult. Then again, in my opinion, adulthood is just a delusion. A 28 year old friend told me that he isn't any closer to being an adult, anymore than I am. Then again, my parents think, behave and act like adults. At 22, I am just as confused and fucked out and spazzed out as I was at 18, 13, 8 and perhaps, even 4. Only difference, if at all, being that I wasn't aware of this confusion earlier.
  • I started reading Buddha by Osamu Tezuka today. I haven't read too many graphic novels, but this one's endearingly cute. Especially cus Osam has taken the liberty to introduce as many feisty big eyed japanese manga fictional characters into the story of Buddha. And religion (or some form of it) is always better with some spiced up twists in the plot. Besides, come on, his name is Osamu. That's the cutest author name ever.
  • Millo has been telling us about her religion - Apathalli. I knew that most tribal religions are oriented largely around nature and kinship; and hers is no exception. She worships the Ayadhani and the Appathalli - the spirits of her ancestors associated with the Sun personified as the female and the Moon as the male, unlike most other religions. I prefer the Sun being male I think. The Moons much prettier and much cooler, and besides, She comes out at night. The night sky kicks the day sky's ass real bad. Also, the women in Millo's tribe are forbidden from eating dogmeat.
  • I have squandered away what could have been a most fruitful weekend. Ah, but it's ok. I can't even guilt trip myself. Sigh.
  • I need to resume my mural painting. I think I'm going to draw a nice Manga girl with doe eyes and the longest eye lashes. I must try, at least.
Ok, good night!

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