>> December 6, 2009

I just got done with The Time Traveller's Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger. Interesting enough to keep me riveted till I finished within the day; but that may have been because I haven't been this keenly lazy in many days. I wouldn't read it again, though; and that's how I judge my books. There are many I would read again, and again, and yet again, and never be tired of; and that sort are the best.

I spend the whole day curled up in my bed, switching between reading the book and falling asleep, and waking up again to resume reading again. I love doing that to books. Devouring them entirely in one sitting. It's a dangerous habit to cultivate, especially because tend to this more often the closer it gets to projects and exams. I have two exams coming up this week; and I am, as usual, most unprepared for it but I don't feel too bad. I'd have felt horrible is I squandered the time away doing other random things, but I can hardly guilt trip myself for reading. I've been doing so little of it lately. That might be a plausible explanation as to why I can't write any more.There is a whole world to write about; but somehow, there aren't enough words. :(

Thank goodness there will always be enough to read.

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