# 5 Abstract Abandon

>> November 22, 2012

There is art here, all around,
framed and hung strategically
on the walls
because, you see, 
they must know we are cultured.
That we pause, sometimes,
as we hurry past,
and we deeply inhale
the soothing balm 
of vague abstractions
and obscure design.
They mustn’t think otherwise-
it must not be said that we don’t
look at the paintings,
that we do not have time,
and that the stark white light
reflects off the glass
and all you can see, if you were to look
away from the screen,
would be your own face,
haggard, dark-circled, defeated.
They mustn’t know that all the art is dead,
that it hangs in mocking derision.
They’d rather believe that
the colours, and patterns,
can revive us,
make this worthwhile.
There is art everywhere here,
beckoning to flights
of fantasy,
but nobody looks,
nobody lingers,
and nobody flies.

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Reshma January 13, 2013 at 5:29 AM  


I wanted to clap...

Very true, this.

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