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>> January 13, 2010

".....I feel that I should (that it is an Augean duty, pushed on to me against my will) do my best, with a still hot shovel of overloaded feeling and a lot of windily winding words, to vindicate first Dylan, then me, then both of us together. And hope that the truth that I am trying blindly to say, to find out for myself, will come out through all the literary muddles and faultily not detached attitude. And I hope it is a better truth than Brinnin's."
-- Caitlin Thomas, defending her memory of DylanThomas  
in John Malcolm Brinnin, Dylan Thomas in America.

Why didn't she, then? Such wonderful words.

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ujwala January 20, 2010 at 3:18 AM  

hey hi Scarlett, I was going through the blog page of the Masrah, a theatre group based in bangalore, if u don't recall and I found ur comment that you were interested in working with them and were asking if they conduct auditions. Well even I am interested in working there so just wanted to know if they replied or if you found other means to contact them... Thanks.

Sry for adding this at the end but nice blogs... :) Very interesting title... am now sorta following ur blog.. :)

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