O'er the Hills and Far Away

>> October 5, 2009

I wonder, sometimes, what the first lines of my first book would be. I must admit, I unabashedly judge by a book by its first lines. By its cover, too. A classy simple book cover is a clincher. And a good beginning is so important to build the relationship with a book, its writer, his characters and their many stories. Good beginnings, my mother tells me, make for good endings. And good endings, after all, are what each one of us is looking for.

But, this business of good beginnings has – almost always, and invariably delayed my plunge. My life itself, from taking off. Apparently, some guy called Ivan Turgenov said that if you wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything , is ready, you shall never begin. And that, I suppose, illustrates my life. Sometimes I feel like I am on the sidelines ,watching my life whiz past like the Chinese Maglev. And I wait there on the platform with the metaphorical piece of luggage which is too heavy for me, and as always, packed with stuff I will never use; waiting for that perfect train to arrive for me to hop in and take me to far away fantasies. But,of course, it never does. Sigh, sounds depressing, doesn’t it?

Perhaps, it's time I went past beginnings and looked for some ends.

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